Thursday, March 17, 2011

Illuminated 1920s tram (for hire, I think) (and Happy 150th Birthday, Italy!)

One of the 1920s trams is covered completely with small white lights, each clearly visible individually, and is fun to see. I think it's available directly from ATM (the civic public transportation department) for hire for parties, maybe even dinners. Should be loads of fun. Too bad the foto--snapped with my cell phone--doesn't even begin to capture what can be seen, but it's better than nothing. The chance that I'll be wandering around town after dark with my camera is next to nill.

Happy 150th Birthday, Italy! On March 17, 1861, after a few years of renewed fighting, some areas of northern Italy banded together against the Austrian Hapsburg emperor, then in charge, and proclaimed their king Vittorio Emmanuele II of the ancient house of Savoy from the area of Piedmont. Milan, as it had been ten years earlier, was in the forefront (see my next post on the Five Days of Milan).

I snapped the shot Tuesday evening, the 16th of March, 2011, around 10 P.M., with you in mind.

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