Monday, March 7, 2011

Lovely acanthus leaves and grill work at the Villa Romeo-Faccanoni

More lovely Milanese metalwork, this time a detail of the fence in front of the Villa Romeo-Faccanoni...More......

...about which I spoke in a previous blog post (

A lovely example of the contrast between naturalistic and geometric, which I find characteristic of the Milanese "Liberty" ("Art Nouveau") style. Don't miss the "form follows function" aspect, either. Note how the bolts holding the grill together are a graceful part of the design effect.

Thinking Bauhaus?

Think again!

I personally believe it's the Viennese influence at work...ever heard of Otto Wagner, the Viennese architect so influential for the birth of the Bauhaus movement?

Just one of the gazillion things I'd like to research, but, for now, there's my bold thesis statement without a single fact to back it up, except my own observations, which you can make for yourself visiting his works in Vienna (stupendous example: his post office building!), or doing your own research. (Don't forget to quote me, when YOU write it up!)

Here, the reproduction of the natural is complemented with the truly natural background of the leaves, which I painstakingly whited out to create today's needlepoint diagram:


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