Friday, March 25, 2011

Photoless Friday (09): FAI (26-27 March 2011), Stramilano (27 March 2011) and springing forward

Plans for the weekend, yet? No? Here are a couple of suggestions: FAI and Stramilano (and don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour Saturday night!)...More......

FAI, short for Fondo Ambiente Italiano (Fund for the Italian Environment), takes care of monuments, structures, collections and zones that either have been donated to it, or it has purchased with donated funds (key word: "donate"; web site only in Italian). Each year in spring, the foundation holds special openings of a selected few of its possessions in each region of Italy, as well as arranging for access to places not usually open to the public. Junior High and High School kids learn to give a spiel about the place, so it's a win-win situation: the kids have a chance to learn and practice public-speaking, and even non-FAI members get to tour the chosen places with someone, who'll spoon feed them the basic necessary info in order to enjoy the place thoroughtly. HINT: FAI members get to go to the front of the line, and, heck, folks, it really costs so little, and helps so much, you might as well sign up for a membership, if you haven't already.

Stramilano is a running event...that should have been planned better not to coincide with the FAI weekend, not just because people may have a hard time choosing between the two, but also because the run--going through the center of town--will be disrupting surface public transportation from 9 A.M. until at least 2 P.M. Oh, nuts. (The web site is also in English, though, at least there's that.)

And don't forget to set your clock ahead an hour before you fall asleep tonight. Italy goes on Daylight Savings time on Saturday night (or rather Sunday morning), this weekend.

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