Friday, January 13, 2012

Photoless Friday and upcoming fun stuff to do in Milan

Already have plans for the 14th of January?

If they don't involve the bonfire of S. Antonio, they can...More......

Morimondo is a delightful little town with a lovely and historic monastery.

On the 14th ( and 15th ('Antonio_57685)of January there will be traditional bonfires at sundown celebrating the saint associated with nerve pain, called "the fire of S. Antonio." Cheer up, there also will be mulled wine and goodies (though not explicity stated, most probably for sale).

Until the 17th, more bonfires dedicated to the saint are available in other small towns that are part of the larger metropolis of Milan.

Also on the 15th of January, and on a regular basis throughout the year, is the open air market ("borsino") in downtown via Armorari (near Piazza Cordusio) of old stamps and postcards for collectors, see

Above cited sites are in Italian--can't be helped--but since I've located the right page for you, I'm hoping dates and times will be easier to find in them.


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