Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Waiting for the Befana in Milan

Never miss a good honest opportunity for more chocolates, or gifts, that's my advice. The Befana is on her way, if you're in Italy...More......

She's an old Italian hag (no offense meant, in case she's reading this!) riding on a broom who brings little toys and candy for the stockings hanging on the fireplace on January 6. I wonder if she'll bring me more panettone (the wonderful Italian equivalent of fruit cake...but much more cake-y).

In case you're looking for stocking stuffers to give her a hand, the holiday stands are still up in Piazza Beccaria and--as seen here--in the enormous open air porch in front of the Stazione Centrale (it used to be so convenient to pull up there with taxis in bad weather...).

Probably just as well if she doesn't. Too many calories.

(I snapped this pic this afternoon around 3 P.M. with you in mind. Enjoy!)

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