Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yesterday and (almost) Today

In the background on the left, the Late Renaissance drum of the Early Christian church, San Lorenzo*. In the foreground on the right,...More......

...the back of a school built in the "Novecento" period "of consensus"** during which the architectural style, in my opinion, was a wonderful balance between sterile and cold Rationalism and previous "been there, done that" more decorative styles. There also is an eery preview of post-modernism. But more about this another day.

All against today's bright blue sky (And the temps? Nippy, but coats and gloves were sufficient.)

*See my

**A backhand way to refer to the period when--at least seemingly--the majority of Italians were in favor of the restoration of a kind of order by the Fascists after a couple of decades of violent social unrest alternating with brief periods of uneasy quiet. The period of consensus itself began to unravel, beginning with the mid-30s colonial wars in Africa, right through the ignominious adherence to the alliance with Hitler and the anti-semitic laws. For further reading, see Mussolini by Prof. Pierre Milza, published in French in 1999 and in Italian in 2000.

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