Friday, January 6, 2012

What did the Befana bring you?

Yesterday, I wrote in my blog about Milan that I wanted panettone* from the Befana. I only half meant it...calories! calories! calories!

Be careful what you wish for...More......

Yesterday, I unwittingly helped the Befana.

As you already might have read, a friend who drives took me and her delightful little daughters to Viboldone, and on the way she wanted to stop at the new 'spaccio' of Bindi.

It turned out not to be a 'spaccio,' but a factory direct outlet with a caffè offering their goodies (sweet and savory) and a store, all designed with a great eye.

And the panettone was on sale.

I couldn't resist, and my excuse was to compare the Bindi panettone with my memory of my favorite for its wonderful quality-price ratio: the Motta Original Recipe panettone.


The Bindi panettone is good...but--even on sale--at twice the price of the Motta, it's not worth it.

Go, Motta!

*For a photo, see my:

P.S., are you ready for the usual 'service announcement?' I get no kickbacks of any kind for mentioning products and/or services.

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