Monday, April 25, 2011

A beautiful architectural female "mask"

I've passed this series of beautiful Eclectic style female "masks" for years. They're on the front of a building in Piazza Virgilio. The light was never right to photograph them, or the light was right, but I didn't have my camera, or when recently the light was right and I had my camera...More......

...I discovered that the modern lamps added so insensitively just below their faces, in order to illuminate them, also hid them at the same time, and were in the way of getting a good photo.


Maybe a week, or so, ago, I finally gave up. I just couldn't find an angle that would have done justice to the architectural decoration AND let me turn it into a needlepoint (or cross-stitch) diagram for my other blog, Ars acupicturae stellae - Star's Needlepoint blog.

Today, I chanced to be walking down the street behind that building, and, guess what?!, the same building covers the whole block, so these masks are the same as those on the front of the building, but they're on the side street, via Metastasio, instead, and they're not covered by lamps! Yeah!

The building is part of the area of town developed after the Unification of Italy, in the late 19th century, and is between Cadorna and the church Santa Maria delle Grazie, where Leonardo's Last Supper is.

Isn't that female "mask" lovely?!

If you'd like to make it into a needlepoint, or cross-stitch, design, here's the link to my blog, where I put the diagram for your personal non-commercial use:


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Margaret said...

I really like this one. That face is is wonderful.

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