Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gelato, gelato, wherefore are thou, gelato?

A kind soul reading my blog said that she and others were coming to Milan for one of the annual calendar of product expositions...house and design stuff this time...and that she'd happily consulted my blog for gelato information.

Glad to help, and hope she and others come back to my blog (the side columns are so rich with links of all kinds that I painstakingly gathered for you), but I also felt guilty.

It had been awhile since I had written about gelato, and, well, ahem...I've been holding back...More......

...I had thought to post pictures of each of the gelateria, and spread out my reviews of the gelateria I've tried (whether stumbled upon, or on the list in Italian mentioned in my first review, but repeated here for your convenience, aren't I nice?: http://milano.corriere.it/milano/localwebapp/Itinerario.do?p=3), but her comment made me realize that it had been awhile since I'd spilled the vanilla beans, so to speak, so here goes, rapid fire, getting us up-to-date, and even highlighting the absolute best independent gelateria that I've found in Milan, so far (in no particular order, but building up to my current favorite).

GELATERIA ELIO BIGONI, Via Bazzini, 3 (across the viale from the Piola fermata of the green line, in the opposite direction of the Politecnico university).
Tasty, good, and--at least last year--open in August. I'd definitely go back again. And have.

GELATERIA ALOHA, Via Vallazze, 102, also in the general area of the Politecnico and the Tumor Institute
Very good, and--according to the Corriere article, the best price-quality ratio in town. It is a bit out of the way from downtown, after all. Would I go back? YES!

GELATERIA CONCORDIA, Corso Concordia, 11, corner of the Piazza Risorgimento, not too terribly far from Piazza San Babila (for those used to walking)
It's been awhile since I've been, but I remember it being good, and happily would sacrifice myself for you to test it out, again.

Corso Italia, 6, just down the way from centrally located Piazza Missori
Very yummy and interesting flavors. Definitely would go, again.

HELADOS, Viale Monte Nero, 50, not so terribly far (for people used to walking) from Piazza 5 Giornate
Excellent gelato and normal prices. Definitely would go again (and have). (P.S., a bit farther down the street from the piazza is the "Mongolian Barbecue"...fresh chinese buffet-style food, where the price is right; take all you want, but eat all you take...you'll get charged for leaving anything edible on your plate, such a good idea to help us avoid wasting food)

(THE NAME ESCAPES ME NOW), on Corso di Porta Romana, just south of the Crocetta (a trident-shaped intersection reached also by the yellow line of the subway)
Good ice cream, normal prices, fairly large selection, but they also have sugarless ice cream, good for the diabetics in the family.

DUE PALME (pretty sure that's what it's called), via Cesare Corrente, corner via Mora, almost to Piazza Resistenza Partigiana
VERY VERY good gelato and a big selection...this used to be my favorite place before...drum roll, please.........

LA CIRIBICIACCOLA, Viale Romagna, 10, a bit out of the way, BUT WORTH EVERY STEP
A teeny tiny cute hole in the wall, and a bit more expensive than the others, but gelato heaven for sure (don't ask me what the name means, though)...the absolutely best gelato that I've ever had in Milan, and maybe even topping those three famous places in Rome (which I, ahem, did frequent, calories notwithstanding).

There, that's the rest of the list of places tried so far.

Hope those of you currently in town for the exposition can get the list in time.

If not, don't worry, there are plenty left on the Corriere list that I haven't tried, yet, and I'm bound to stumble across others while traipsing around town with my camera. You can try them out the next time you come.

Most gelateria have very limited seating, inside or out, it's a hit and run proposition in Italy (where eating on the street is frowned upon...try juggling those two aspects!). All the gelateria had prices which seem to me outrageous (but I haven't seen the prices in the States for 15 years), but all more or less the same, around E. 2.75 (what, about $3.25?) for a small cup with three dinky scoops.



RobertaK said...

It's called Top del Gelato. Here's a link http://goo.gl/Q4KOV. Surprising thing is, I have never been there! What an oversight. I must make amends.

Star said...

For those not able to look up the link, Top del Gelato is at n. 92 on Corso di Porta Romana (just south of the Crocetta, as I said before). Thanks Roberta!!! (I have to try those link shortening programs, again...just one more thing on the To Do list!)

Star said...

That place on Cesare Corrente almost on the corner with Piazza Partigiani della Resistenza is called "Isola" something, or other, I'm now thinking. I guess I'll just have to go there, and try their ice cream, again, because it used to be my favorite.

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