Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wisteria and more ice cream

I've now got ice cream on the brain. I've probably passed this sign on Corso San Gottardo 500 times, at least, but never noticed it. All of a sudden, a couple of days ago, there it was. I didn't give in, though, so you go, and tell us what it's like. In the meantime,...More......

More 'spring has sprung' photos. A delightful very Milanese turn-of-the-century building a bit veiled by the netting of tree branches and small new green leaves; come summer, the building will be hidden completely by the thick foliage of the trees.

Heavenly heavenly heavenly perfumed air...aaaahhh, wisteria!

Now, back to ice cream.

On the way home the other day, I noticed an ice cream store I hadn't seen before, or rather, I had, but since it's called "Chocolat," I figured it was a candy store. The lighting must have been right because I finally could see into the big front window. Tell-tale refridgerated counter and a flash of more or less colored circles. Ice cream. Mental note.

This afternoon? After a day's hit-and-run storm, the sun was back, a brisk breeze kept it from being roasting. "Aaah, I could walk to that ice cream place, and check it out for the blog readers." (Are you feeling guilty, yet? No? Read the text in cursive, again.)

Chocolat, via Boccacio, 9, just around the corner from the Cadorna train station (where the "trenino" arrives from Malpensa, just in case you have some time to kill while to-ing and fro-ing between the airport and town).

The medium (i.e., medium-small) cup is more expensive than the average, at E. 3,00 (about $4.30). There is a baker's dozen of cream-based flavors, a half-a-dozen sherberts, a hearty handful of tables indoors (great for when the roasting temps begin) and a few outdoor seats in the shade during the hot afternoon.

The first couple of bites were very full flavored, but quickly something just wasn't right. The consistency is halfway between ice cream and a spongy soft serve, so the doubt arose in my they whip their ice cream, or extend it with something, so that they can charge more for less, and just what is it that I'm eating, anyway? At home, I checked. Their web site says they use only the most expensive natural ingredients.

If they say so.

And the type font, interior decor and logo are silly looking and faddish, too. (No photos because the light was wrong.)

Am I playing the part of the persnickety, overly critical critic?

I'm sure I am...especially since I now am reassured by the claims of their web site regarding the contents of their ice cream.

Would I go, again?

Yes, but not YES. My favorite ice cream place is still LA CIRIBICIACCOLA, Viale Romagna, 10.

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Margaret said...

Alas, I always give in.

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