Friday, April 29, 2011

Photoless Friday (11): preparations and a snipped of Marcus Aurelius

Fixing a special dinner, today. Special for its memories, special for its purpose, special for its guests.

Grocs then the preparation (while watching William and Kate's wedding, and wishing them well) of the various dishes (I'm taking photos along the way for you) is gobbling up the day, and I've gotta run, but wanted to share the day with you, and felt in the need of a snippet of Marcus Aurelius.

Opened truly at random, it's the absolutely perfect comfort for me. Perhaps my paraphrase will help you, too:

'Even an obvious and quite brief aphorism can serve to warn those infused with the true doctrines against giving way to grief and fear, for instance:

Such are the races of men as the leaves that the wind scatters earthwards

and your loved ones, too, are little leaves.... For all these things

burgeon again with the season of spring

and the wind then casts them down, and the forest puts forth others in their stead. Transitoriness is the common lot of all things.'

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, Book X, verse 34

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