Monday, May 9, 2011


Another nostalgic surprise...I miss honeysuckle.

Never been one to fawn over a plant.

They're too much trouble.

Would like a garden choc-a-bloc with roses, but would need first the garden, and then a gardener.

Too much water, too little water, too much sun, not enough sun.

Whatever it is, plants always die on me.

But honeysuckle for me is childhood innocence...More......

There was an enormous honeysuckle bush, or series of bushes, all along the long fence that separated our back yard from that of the neighbors.

The honeysuckle bush was so high and broad and thick that we used to climb up onto it, and it seemed like being atop of the mast of a ship, or the broad sure back of an enormous horse.

Fresh air, sun, adventures, safety.

And that heavenly smell (and bees).

In Italy, I've been keeping my eyes open for honeysuckle for years and years with no results.

The similarly heavenly smell of pittosporum fooled me more than once, leaving me increasingly crushed with disappointment.

I knew why.

A bit homesick (though when I'm there, I'm homesick for Italy).

Forcing myself to take a walk this last weekend, grumbling to myself at first, but already knowing that within minutes of being outside, walking briskly, getting a bit of fresh air and sunshine, "have camera, will travel," I'd be in good spirits, and probably would stumble across something wonderful.

I did.

It caught my eye.

Nawwwww, it can't be...(steps ahead...pauses...steps back...)...what if it is? It's just a few steps backwards, go check.

The first honeysuckle flowers that I've seen and smelled for decades.

I almost cried.


I just stood there, staring at this small slice of honeysuckle, wedged between who knows what the other two plants were.


Nawwww, I won't be able to get a good picture of it, but I'm so glad that I saw and smelled it...(takes a few steps forward...pauses...takes a couple of steps back)...but the light's good, and that's what's so great about digital pictures...if the photo doesn't come out, no harm done.

So I snapped a few for me and for your personal non-commercial use: a couple from farther away, a couple of close ups (Saturday, May 7, 2011, at about 2:45 P.M.).
I turned this photo into Milan Monday's needlepoint diagram on my blog dedicated to needlepoint, Ars acupicturae stellae (

(And here's to Chris' marvelous blog, "serendipitous," in which she makes heartfelt comments and posts wonderful nature photos...contemplating what I see as an homage to the writers of my favorite blogs sharpens my eyes, so this one's for you, Chris, thank you for your blog.)


Margaret said...

Lovely post. I find smells the most evocative things of all, and they do bring me to turns sometimes when they evoke a powerful memory. Glad you found some honey suckle.

And, of course, you're in the drawing! You have no choice.

Jeneane said...

Maybe I should leave Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden and come and be your gardener!

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