Monday, May 16, 2011

Today in Milan: a conference, a happening, an opening

Today in Milan: a fascinating conference on alchemy, a 'happening' and the opening of a very brief art show...More......

"Arte e alchimia" (Art and Alchemy), a conference in the "Memorie di Milano" (Memories of Milan) series tonight at 6 P.M., entrance free while seating lasts, Fondazione Biblioteca di Via Senato, via Senato 14, 02.7621.5323. A "trip" through the magic art of alchemy from the Renaissance to the Mannerist periods. Keep your eyes focused firmly on this small, but very interesting exhibit space and library. Their activities often are fascinating: (Italian only).

"Festival di LAIV-Laboratori di arti interpretative dal vivo" (Workshops Festival of Live Interpretative Arts), or, as the event also is known, "LAIV Action" (a play on the Italian pronunciation, making the acronym sound like the English word "live"), beginning tonight and running until the 21st of May, young kids from 14 to 19 years of age and all coming from the province of Lombarday, will be performing. Teatro Sala Fontana, via Boltraffio 21, tel. 02.69015733, various hours, entrance free while seating lasts. For further information (in Italian): and

Opening today the show "Mondo Rondo Pop Art Condominiale" in via Maura Macchi 42, during office hours, for a couple of days until the 18th. Graffiti-like works in portable (traditional?!) media, displayed within a condo, or office, environment. Style recognizably inspired by Keith Haring. Found nothing in English, but this article in Italian gave all the basic info and a bit besides:


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