Friday, May 20, 2011

Photoless Friday (14): how about Milan as a movie set?

Planning to make a movie? Want a location with a good mix of sophisticated modernity and satisfying tradition, with lovely parks and a real castle thrown into the mix?

Why not Milan?

Here's the info of the official city web site dedicated to you:

One final blurb, overtly self-promotional: don't forget to weave the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum into the plot. It's one of Europe's most important and best preserved historic house museums, which is a fancy way of saying that it's a "time capsule" of a traditional aristocratic house from the end of the 19th century that is filled with its original collections of Italian Renaissance art and furnishings, all just where the collectors intended it to be, so even if you're not hunting for a movie set, it's a great place to see some masterpieces and just be nosey...why not?!

And, since I work there, of course it's a great place!

Here's the web site (sign up to our free e-mail Newsletter, too!):


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