Saturday, May 7, 2011

Knitted brows and urban art

On the third of May, 2009, enjoying the green garden and trees along the street after a visit to an exhibit at Milan's Triennale (which is interesting, in and of itself...hmmm...fodder for a future post...), I spotted this.

I had heard about the exhibit, thought the idea was rather silly (frankly, that's my opinion about a lot of what passes for contemporary "art," but that's a whole other can o' worms), fretted and knit my brow for a few split seconds of art guilt, then let it pass from my mind. Already too much stuff to remember.

When actually surprised by it, though,...More...... was silly, but its very silliness brought a smile to my face, and a bit of color and futility to Milan's rather sober and serious urban environment (I'm not complaining, mind you, I like sober and serious). Too bad, at about 3:15 P.M., the shadows were on it, and it had been installed a couple of weeks before, so the colors already had begun to fade. I snapped the picture, anyway. An oddity that had brought a smile to my face. Nothing more, I thought.

I found, though, that this little oddity kept creeping back into my conscious thought:

Spent hours hunting the net for sure information about the identity of the artist. Still don't have a clue, but the post about a crocheted coral reef on one of my favorite blogs, the Suburban Matron, brought it back to mind, so I thought I'd share it with you, even without the info about the artist that I would have liked to have provided along with my snap.

The weather promises to be very nice this weekend in Milan, so I'm hoping to take at least a couple of good long walks, and that means more photos to share with you.


P.S., I'd still like to know who the artist of this urban art piece was, so if you know, please jot me a note in the comment box, thanks!

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